In 2007, in order to leverage its competencies and expand its activities in the market, Bomix strategically established a Blow Molding division in the countryside town of Jundiai, in the state of São Paulo. Bomix’s blow packaging unit was meticulously designed to meet specific demands of particular customers.

Bomix’s Blow Molding division started with 5- to 20-liter jerry cans intended to fulfill the requirements of customers with highly exacting standards for “quality assured” products, and is totally dedicated to manufacturing packaging for the pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, chemical and petrochemical sectors.

High performance raw materials, state-of- the-art molds and machines, and extreme quality control fostered the consolidation of Bomix Blow Molding as one of the most reputed companies in terms of reliability, quality and punctuality.

INMETRO/UN Certifications for maritime and overland transportation of hazardous materials are also elements that highlight the position of Bomix Blow Molding as a unique supplier of industrial blow-molded packaging.

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