Mission, Vision and Values


To develop quality-assured plastic packaging solutions and to strengthen long-lasting partnerships with customers.


To be internationally acknowledged as a company of excellence in the industrial plastic packaging market and for employing state-of-the-art technology and skillful labor.



To the market, this is the assurance that no effort will be spared in meeting customers’ requirements. To the associates, it means to have their objectives aligned with those of the business, with the will to contribute by working ethically and transparently.

Technology Innovation

The capacity to come up with brand-new solutions – be it products or processes – by continuously investing in modern equipment, with the aim to improve efficiency and the understanding of management-oriented information.

Focus on Customers

Pursue to understand how to best serve each customer by suggesting solutions to every situation, leaving it clear that their success is our own success as well.

Personnel Appreciation

The acknowledgement that the company’s most important assets are the people who are capable of driving significant changes and improvements – be it related to culture or process –, and that a pleasant and motivating workplace is the main ingredient in everyone’s efficient performance.

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